Pre-Intermediate Course

1. day
- We are introducing ourselves
- We are playing a funny game to start off
- We are packing a suitcase
- We are going on marvellous holiday
- We are swimming with dolphins into the magic world of imagination

2. day
- We are booking a hotel room
- We are going on a trip by cruise ship
- We are becoming castaways on a  desert island
- We are meeting another castaway and having a chat with her
- We are telling a story about a pirate

3. day
- We are ordering a meal in a fast food restaurant
- We are witnessing a crime in the street
- We are describing the criminal at the police station
- We are flying to another planet
- We are having a well-earned rest with a nice cup of coffee and delicious chocolates

4. day
- We are going shopping
- We are spending a pleasant time choosing clothes and shoes in the shop
- We are visiting Wise White Witch
- We are playing  board games to have a rest after a busy day

5. day
- We are returning home
- We are losing our luggage
- We are calling our friend and chatting with him
- A surprise at the end

Note: As this is just an outline of the conversation course, it can be changed according to the students' wishes and needs.