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Čarodějčina sova na Perníkové chaloupce
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Čarodějka před Perníkovou chaloupkou

Man plays only when he is in the full sense of the word a human being, and he is only fully a human being when he plays. (Friedrich Schiller)

Are you tired of traditional methods of teaching and longing for something unusual?
Are you good at vocabulary and grammar but you are afraid of speaking?
Do you want to feel comfortable and full of energy?
Then learn with YOUR heart and experience YOUR English!

The basis of my teaching method is the amazing idea that man learns from the experience, story and role play. When you are abroad, you are learning a language much quicker, becauseyou are directly involved in the situations, you are directly experiencing the language.  
Then you come home, open your course book or attend a traditional class at a language school, and in a while you do not know if your effort makes any sense.
In a foreign country you tasted a new meal, and at the same time you learnt a new word, or you met a very nice person, and remembered a new phrase which he used... - And you will never forget it, because the experience can never be forgotten, the experience is remembered for the whole life.

In my lessons you will play, and at the same time you will use your emotional memory which is many times more constant than traditional learning.
The amazing feeling that you are on a desert island and in the sultan’s empire, the surprise that you meet a real Witch and Ghost Lady... And all that through a natural method of teaching spoken English, including vocabulary and grammar phrases that will help you during your communication in a foreign country.  

Among the biggest benefits of my teaching belong:

  • uniqueness and originality
  • non-traditional way of teaching through experiences
  • laugh and imagination
  • ease and relaxation
  • drama and improvisation
  • getting rid of fear of spoken English
  • strengthening the knowledge of spoken English

My courses are intended for everybody that want to speak English and that are not afraid of accepting a creative way of teaching. The main idea of my teaching is role play and storytelling which can be managed by everyone, even by a non-theatrical type of person.